The Sport Adventure Around the World for Kids

  • daily exercise will become a second habit 
  • your kids will learn geography
  • keep your kids busy (busy kids, happy parents)
  • it's clutter-free (use what you have) 
  • you can make it as screen-free as you want

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What is World Explorer Kids?

The idea of World Tour Kids is to keep your kids moving and learning. The rules are simple. Kids need to do some sort of exercise (ride a bike, walk, run, dance...) at least one hour per day in order to move from country to country. The goal is that daily exercise will become a second habit for them.

What this is NOT?

This is not a game which happens in virtual reality. This is all about engaging kids to real world activities. Feel free to use PokemonGo or other apps which might motivate Your kids to keep moving BUT I want to underline that You are perfectly fine without them too. 

How Does it work?

1. Join the World Tour Kids Insider Club. It's FREE.

You will receive a free travel journal to keep your kid on the track. 

2. Exercise

Kids need to keep moving in order to move from country to country. (7 days at least 1 hour/day = new country)

3. Explore and Learn

Feel free to explore the country as much as You want (library, internet...). I'll also send a weekly e-mail with additional activities and ideas related to each country (starting from 1st of Jan, 2017).

4. Have fun & repeat steps 2 and 3

First you will visit 10 biggest countries by population from five different continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America & South America. In the end you will also visit Australia & Antarctica. A new country will be available weekly. By the end of the year 2017 you have visited 52 countries.

To Whom?

"World Tour Kids" is a membership site for all you kids out there between 3 and 12 years old. You won't need loads of cash to make this imaginary journey around the world. Instead, you will need an explorer attitude (and good sneakers since this is NOT just an armchair journey). All the other equipment are optional.

Why Should Your Kids Join This Adventure?

Ultimately it's really up to you guys to make the best of this journey but there is a good chance to learn and experience many cool things:

  • Active lifestyle will become a habit for your kids. This is most likely the most valuable gifts You can give.
  • You will get printables which make the physical activity visible. Just decide that you won't "break the chain". No matter how you feel.
  • Goals can make wonders to motivate your kids (or anyone). It's much more fun to exercise even if You are just pretending that You are on your way to Egypt or Brazil (for example). Learning the power of goals at early age is a great skill for the rest of your life.
  • There'll be a global community of "World Explorers". Your kids are not alone doing this imaginary trip - no matter if you live in the middle of nowhere. Please, ask all your friends to join! The more the merrier.
  • They'll learn some geography (it's cool to have a basic understanding where different countries are located and know at least their capitals).
  • You can practice the skill of storytelling when working out. This has many benefits: time just flies and it helps them to remember the countries better because you can memorize the stories later on "do you remember Frank's adventures in Luxor, Egypt..." By the way, did you know that many great leaders are good storytellers? Definitely a skill worth practicing.
  • ​You can make this adventure as digital or non digital as you wish.
  • Your kids may practice hand and eye coordination, relaxation and patience, focusing and much more with weekly coloring page activities. 

Your Trip Itinerary

52 countries. A new country every week. You'll visit ten biggest countries by population from Europe, Africa, Asia, North & South America. In addition, you'll also visit Australia & Antarctica.


Week 1: Berlin, Germany

Week 2: Paris, France

Week 3: London, United Kingdom

Week 4: Rome, Italy

Week 5: Madrid, Spain

Week 6: Kiev, Ukraine

Week 7: Warsaw, Poland

Week 8: Bucharest, Romania

Week 9: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Week 10: Brussels, Belgium


Week 11: Abuja, Nigeria

Week 12: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Week 13: Cairo, Egypt

Week 14: Kinshasa, Dem.Rep. of Congo

Week 15: Cape Town, South Africa 

Week 16: Dodoma, Tanzania

Week 17: Nairobi, Kenya

Week 18: Algiers, Algeria

Week 19: Khartoum, Sudan

Week 20: Kampala, Uganda


Week 21: Beijing, China

Week 22: New Delhi, India

Week 23: Jakarta, Indonesia

Week 24: Islamabad, Pakistan

Week 25: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Week 26: Moscow, Russia

Week 27: Tokyo, Japan

Week 28: Manila, Philippines

Week 29: Hanoi, Vietnam

Week 30: Tehran, Iran

North America

Week 31: Washington DC, The United States

Week 32: Mexico City, Mexico

Week 33: Ottawa, Canada

Week 34: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Week 35: Havana, Cuba

Week 36: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Week 37: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Week 38: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Week 39: Managua, Nicaragua

Week 40: San Salvador, El Salvador

South America

Week 41: Brasilia, Brazil 

Week 42: Bogotá, Colombia

Week 43: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Week 44: Lima, Peru

Week 45: Caracas, Venezuela

Week 46: Santiago, Chile

Week 47: Quito, Equador

Week 48: Sucre, Bolivia

Week 49: Asunción, Paraguay

Week 50: Montevideo, Uruguay

Australia & Antarctica

Week 51: Canberra, Australia 

Week 52: Antarctica

Your Destinations on the Map

Tip: Pan and hover over the map!

What to Expect?

Make this adventure your own! You CAN...

  • make virtual sightseeings (useful also when planning your next real trip)
  • make a travel diary from every country (manually or using free graphic tools)
  • learn to cook local food
  • learn local languages
  • listen local music
  • study local history and make a movie with your friends
  • tell and/or write (silly) stories located in country X (did you know that many great leaders are good storytellers?)
  • ...and much more!!! You decide what is interesting to you.

By Whom?

Suvi Räisänen

Hi there! I'm Suvi Räisänen, the founder of World Explorer Kids and the designer/owner of Raisu Design. I'm a geographer who loves maps. I'm also a mother of two and I know that sometimes it can be a bit challenging to inspire your kids to move. That's why I decided to create an imaginary adventure around the world. 


Just send me an e-mail: info@worldtourkids and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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