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How to download free ebooks?


free ebooks

Last time I showed you how to read Kindle ebooks without Kindle. Just in case you are still hesitating if ebooks are a good idea, try out free Kindle books. There are plenty of them and it's an easy way to get started. Go ahead and check out the hottest free Kindle ebooks! There is a list of top 100 free Kindle ebooks. If you are looking for something more specific, just click the categories (like Arts & Photography, Children's ebooks and so on) to view the 100 free Kindle books in each of the genres.


TIP: If you find an interesting ebook for free, download it right away! You never know how long the book will remain free.

How to read Kindle e-books without Kindle?


I published a Kindle ebook ABC Book - USA Explorer in last month. It was a great learning experience in many ways. I also learned that you don't actually need any kind of Kindle device to read Kindle e-books. You can read them on your tablet, smart phone or computer with free Kindle Reading Apps. 

How cool is that! I just love to read real books as well but ebooks have many benefits. They don't take space at your home and they are handy also when traveling. Plus it's much easier to search information from digital products. As an author it gave me a chance to make an interactive learning tool.  

How to get started to read Kindle ebooks without Kindle?

  1. Install the free Kindle Reading App
  2. ​Open the App and sign in with your Amazon account
  3. When you have found something interesting, you may request a free sample of the book (see the picture below) before purchasing it.
  4. If it's interesting, you may buy it by clicking "Buy now with 1-click"
  5. Extra tip: you may also start testing the reading app with free Kindle books

How to gift Kindle ebooks?

​You can also give Kindle ebooks as a gift to anyone with an email address.

  1. Click: "Give as a Gift" (see the bottom right hand corner of the picture above).
  2. Type in the recipients e-mail address and specify the delivery date. 
  3. Add payment method.
  4. Include a personal message.
  5. Place your order.